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 Mass Effect Character Thread ver 2.0

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PostSubject: Mass Effect Character Thread ver 2.0   17/03/12, 11:32 pm

Name: Lance Ryder

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Class: Engineer

Biotic Ability: None. But has knowledge on mass effect field.

Tech Ability: Very knowledgeable in the tech field. Modified combat drone with small mass effect field to help with fixing ship/vehicles/machinery. Extensive research with state of the art tech.


Combat Ability: Had some N7 training. Can handle a gun but lets his drone and turret do the work. No implants.

Appearance description: Age 26, Caucasian. 5 foot 9 inches. Has a scar running vertical behind his right eye. The scar Is small about 1 inch long. Brown hair with green eyes. Soldier type body.

Equipment specialisation
Pistols and Sub-Machine guns. Known weapons- M-3 Predator and N7 Hurricane

Job/Career: Former Alliance engineer. Now a mechanic on Omega

Biography: Born to an alliance family Lance followed the tradition along with his two brothers and sisters and joined the military. Having had a interest in mechanic and engineering due to his father's teachings Lance joined the military in hopes of being stationed on a dreadnaught class ship. After some time in the military Lance's interests became secondary to his squad. Having complete remarkable missions he was recommended from higher officers to enlist in the ICT program where they hoped Lance would join the N7 program. after graduating from ICT Lance enlisted into the N7 program. Having made it through half of his training Lance failed the program from an "accident" that almost put him in a wheelchair. Even though it is known that even training in the N7 program gives a soldier great honor, Lance felt broken and depressed. Always having the feeling that his N7 training was taken from him he retired from the alliance military and took to the stars. Having traveled around the Milky Way, the current status of him is unkown, but there have been rumors from his family that he has taken to a living and a mechanic in the terminus system.

Training: Some N7 training. Tech specialist. Mechanic school.


Did you think I was lying?
I said I’m evil, without even trying.
Drinking the red from your heart in one sitting.
You think you've got me pegged, you must be kidding.
I raise the dead up and they do my bidding.
Girl, I’m a thousand years old, I’m a riddle.
Bad little boy, yes, I’m bad, but not little.

Don't you know I'm a villain, every night I'm out killin'
sending everyone running like children
I know why you're mad at me, I got demon eyes
and they're looking right through your anatomy
Into your deepest fears, baby, I'm not from here
I'm from the Nightosphere
To me, you're clear, transparent
You got a thing for me girl, its apparent

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PostSubject: Re: Mass Effect Character Thread ver 2.0   18/03/12, 01:22 am

Name: Grun Nayrnok

Race: Krogan

Gender: Male

Class: Vanguard

*Biotic Ability: Offensive powers are very powerful, yet brute-ish. If needed, he can do precise powers, but it requires more time and energy.

Tech Ability: Limited to piloting shuttles or driving ground vehicles. Anything above opening an unlocked door with his omni-tool is out of his power.

*Combat Ability: Trained in suppressive fire and CQC. Metal implants in his hands and feet increase the force of his punches and kicks in hand-to-hand combat.

Appearance: Tan with blue markings. One large scar goes across his brow-plate, with smaller scars going across his face in a symmetrical pattern. Small metal disks are visible in his palms and the bottom of his feet, the only part visible from his implants.

Screenshot (Armor):

Training: Bounty Hunter, dead targets.

Equipment specialization: Shotgun, Assault Rifle, Heavy pistol

Weapons owned: Tsunami VII, M-76 Revenant, M-99 Saber, Grall Spike Thrower, M-300 Claymore, M-358 Talon, M-5 Phalanx (laser sight)

Bio: Born on Tuchanka, Nayrnok joined clan Grun at a young age. The Rite of Passage leaving scars on his face, symbolizing his devotion. He left on a transport for Omega, hearing rumors of fighting and chaos there. When he arrived, he was disappointed. There were not the street riots nor the panic he had expected. Angered, he looked for a way to quell the fire in his blood. It didn't take long for him to become a mercenary. It started small, killing the occasional cheating husband, or agravating landlord, but soon he made a name for himself. While he wasn't feared, he was respected. (will be done later)

A man without ethics is a wild beast loosed upon this world.

The fear of death follows from the fear of life. A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time.

Don't walk behind me I may not lead
Don't walk in front of me I may not follow
Just walk beside me and be my friend

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PostSubject: Re: Mass Effect Character Thread ver 2.0   18/03/12, 02:27 am

Name: Scott Bartlett

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Age: 28

Class: Vanguard

Specialization: Alliance N7 Marine

Weapons: Kovalyov Assault Rifle X, Sokolov Shotgun X, Karpov Pistol X.

Powers: Biotic
Major: Charge
Minor: Throw, Shockwave.

Bio: Scott was born a colonist, and even before he was born the world marked him. Due to an accident at an Eezo refinery, Scott was among many other children on his home colony to have been directly exposed to Element Zero while still in the womb. Scott was among the very few children exposed to not only survive the exposure with no negative effects, but also among those to survive and become a Biotic, one of the rare individuals among Humans capable of creating Mass Effect Fields through sheer will. At the age of 18, he joined the Systems Alliance Military. From there, he completed several successful missions, including. He was selected for special training, and was placed into the N7 Program. After several years, he completed his training and graduated as an N7 Marine. He is currently based at Arcturus Station.
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PostSubject: Re: Mass Effect Character Thread ver 2.0   18/03/12, 07:40 pm

Name: Alaya T'Zela
Age: 105


Gender: Asari

Class: Adept

Biotic Ability: A very competent Biotic. She knows how to adapt her powers for use in almost any situation, like helping life debris or slowing a fall.

Tech Ability: None, other than very basic door hacking.

Combat Ability: As a commando, she was given training in non-biotic combat. However, because of the biotic training commandos are given, pure combat units like marines are more proficient in armed and un-armed combat.

Appearance description.
Skin Tone: This Colour
Armour Colour: Black and Red (See screenshot area.)
Facial Markings:None

Screenshot (Optional?): (Play ME3 with me for an actual model. Once I have all the Asari customisation options :P)

Equipment specialisation: Assault Rifles, Heavy Pistols.
Geth Pulse Rifle
M-5 Phalanx

Job/Career if applicable: Asari Commando

Biography: Born to two Asari, she's a pure blood. As a commando before her, one of her parents was killed while she was very young. Her second parent was secretly ashamed of having a pure blood daughter, making earlier life difficult on Alaya.
Alaya grew up on Thessia, without many friends, save her half sister,Leana. When she turned 75, she enlisted as a commando, a rather young age to do so. However, she passed everything they through at her, wanting to prove everyone wrong about her 'pure blood' status. Because of her youth, (By Asari Standards) There isn't much more to tell about her life.
She can either be a complete bitch, or one of the best companions you ever have, whichever of the two she is, depends entirely on first impressions, if you give a bad one, she is very uncooperative. Its hard to change from a bad impression to a good one, but is very easy to do the opposite.


[16:53:21] Luna : I just thought

[16:53:26] Luna : Gamer is pronounced

[16:53:29] Luna : Gay-Mer

[16:53:41] Luna : Which in TES Would be "Gay-Elf"

[16:53:47] Luna : You're all gay elves.
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PostSubject: Re: Mass Effect Character Thread ver 2.0   18/03/12, 08:01 pm

Name: Tara T’Lura

Age: 104

Species: Asari

Gender: -Asari-

•Class: Doctor

*Biotic Ability: Strong biotic ability, but she did not wish to develop it, due to the fact she was training as a Doctor, and well… Doctors are about peace, and helping other people.

*Tech Ability: She’s learnt some basic hacking of doors and computers through her life, but nothing more. She’s well learnt in the use of medical machines, however.

*Combat Ability: She’s never handled a gun before.

**Appearance description: Blueish Purple skin, with a slightly darker coloured scalp/tentacle hair. She has blue eyes, and is rather lightly built, due to her not having much military/physical training. A ‘soft’ voice, with some white markings (similar to that of the Asari councillor, but not as many.) She looks young, as she is still going through the Maiden stage of her life.

†Screenshot (Optional?):

††Equipment specialisation
(pistols etc.): None.

***Job/Career if applicable: Third Assisting Doctor on board the Moon Shade

Biography: [REPLAYING LOG 1169//BEGIN] (Voice starts speaking) Its been two weeks since I finished third class medical training. Three years, they just seemed to go. Mother would be proud… I guess so, if she was here anyway… And Dad, well... Salarians don't live that long... But lets not get depressed! Its pretty amazing how fast Doctors, or well assistant Doctors can get jobs out here. Its for this new ship the ‘Moon Shade’. Mixed species ship, but I heard there are going to be Asari Commando’s. Maybe one or two might’ve known mum. I doubt it but… Here’s hoping. Anyway, this will probably be my last log for a while, or well, until I get on board the ‘Moon Shade’. The girls are probably going to throw a surprise party, like they did when I got out of Medical Training… They want any excuse to go for a drink, I’m telling you. [LOG 1169 CLOSED]

†††Training: Medical Training, or Third Class Medical training wasn’t really that hard. It was mostly just work experience at local Hospitals, exams, like university, if you wanted to call it that. Average work hours… And there was a lot of free time after an exam week. All in all, it wasn’t really hard. Hate to see what those Commando’s… Like Mum used to be… Had to go through.

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PostSubject: Re: Mass Effect Character Thread ver 2.0   19/03/12, 12:54 am

Name: Ineesha Vas Yaska

Species: Quarian

Gender: Female

•Class: Infiltrator

*Tech Ability: She is, as many would call, the master of unlocking. Ineesha is great at unlocking doors of most any kind, and has learned a thing or two about hacking. Hacking, though, is not her strongest of suits.

*Combat Ability: Being raised on a gunship, Ineesha most definitely knows her way around a gun. She prefers getting up close in personal with her M-300 Claymore, but when need be, she can pull out her M-15 Vindicator for a ranged battle.

**Appearance description.

†Screenshot (Optional?): Ineesha Vas Yaska

††Equipment specialization:Assault rifles
M-15 Vindicator

***Job/Career if applicable: A vigilante on Omega

Biography: Ineesha grew up on the gunship Yaska. She was taught the intricacies of firearms, and grew very fond of close quarters combat. She left on her pilgrimage to go live on the Citadel, but soon became weary of the uniform life she led there, not to mention she was annoyed by the anti-quarian bigotry she was constantly met with. She made the decision to go to Omega, where at least every species would be treated without respect. After attempting to lead a normal life on Omega for a few months, she simply couldn't take the pure lawlessness of the area. Armed with some weapons she acquired from a black market dealer, she started working for the more innocent population of the asteroid-turned-space station. She soon became proficient in getting where she needed to go (unlocking doors) and being able to obtain information for more complicated, planned out cases.

†††Training: The majority of Ineesha's combat training was learned as she grew up. She was taught how to handle most any firearm (however she enjoys, and is most comfortable with, shotguns and assault rifles). She got most of her training in door hacking (and other basic terminal hacking) simply from experience, and training from contacts she found on the job.

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PostSubject: Re: Mass Effect Character Thread ver 2.0   19/03/12, 06:23 pm

Name Nicholas J. Matthias Umbrulus
Species Human, 25 years of age.
Gender Male
Biotic ability In the Program he showed Higher than average ability, he was one of the most powerful falling on the far right side of the bell curve. It is speculative that he has L5 implants. He is one of the more powerful biotics in the Alliance Military. He has the newest implants , these implants are not available for everyone.
Tech ability Limited -Other than complex logarithms Tech abilities remain to be seen as adequate. Based on
Combat Ability Other than the rare surge of adrenaline his ability is limited

Appearance description. Taller than average, stands at 5’11” barefoot and 6’4” in armour. His eyes are blue; the doctors that have operated on him think that his eyes look like ice. Short hair, kept trimmed because it interferes with the helmet interface. He has tribal markings on most of his body. But they are seldom seen as he’s in armour most of the time. Scars are visible on his torso and back. Most notable scars are on the back of his head where surgery was done for the biotic implants. His bones were augmented at his request, as were his muscles and most of his body. As a Result he is physically superior to the majority of humans. He has been through the most extensive surgeries in the history of mankind.


These are the known armour permutations that N7 Nicholas has been known to wear. The colours are typically black on black. The highlights of his suit are usually black, but he often changes them to blue. He has been known to go without armour into combat.

Equipment Pistols, Heavy Pistols

Job N7 Operative, Undercover Operations

Side If you need help, and are injured, he will help. No matter the consequence. He is Alliance Military. Personality reports confirmed.

Biography Earth born. Intelligent. Went through an accelerated college program. Wrote his doctoral thesis on Biotics and the potential it holds for humanity as a species. Graduated, enlisted, went through the Alliance, was promoted once before going to the villa. He grew up on the streets of earth. No parents. He survived on his own. His record is clean; he’s never been arrested or charged with any crime.

Training Interplanetary Combatives Training (ICT) is the Systems Alliance's premier school for leadership and combat expertise. The Interplanetary Combatives Academy, sometimes called "N-School" or "the villa," recruits officers from every branch of Earth's militaries to partake in grueling courses at Vila Militar in Rio de Janeiro.
Initially, candidates train for more than 20 hours per day, leading small combat teams through hostile terrain with little sleep or food. Trainees who do well are awarded an internal designation of N1 and are invited to return. Subsequent courses - N2 through N6 - are often held off-planet and include instruction in zero-G combat, military free-fall (parachuting), jetpack flight, combat diving, combat instruction, linguistics, and frontline trauma care for human and alien biology.

The highest grade of training, N6, provides actual combat experience in combat zones throughout the galaxy. If the trainee survives these scenarios in "admirable and effective fashion," he or she finally receives the coveted N7 designation. N7 is the only ICT designation that may be worn on field or dress uniforms.

There is little shame in failing an N course - the training is so extreme that even qualifying for N1 elevates an officer to a position of respect. The universal prestige of merely attending the academy helps to restrain trainees from taking excessive risks in pursuit of higher honors.

Although ICT qualification by itself does not guarantee higher rank, those officers who are able to complete the program are typically well suited to senior leadership positions. N7: Graduated from the Interplanetary Combatives Training (ICT) program

According to the Alliance Database.
Alliance Database: He can access programs that hack, but cannot do anything more than Hack a door open, or salvage data.
Based on Combat performance : combat ability is Biotic based.

He’s an expert Marksman when it comes to pistols, and the Mattock, outside of these he has trouble and it is not recommended he be given anything but.

His training under the Chinese Monk was to help bring back his memory. After a failed mission that left his memory shattered. They found that as his biotic skills increased he remembered more from before the incident when he lost his memory. His amnesia has not affected his work ability. Moreover his biotic ability still more than most biotics in the Alliance Military.
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PostSubject: Re: Mass Effect Character Thread ver 2.0   19/03/12, 09:24 pm

Name: 'Kessle' Rog-votak
Species: Turian
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Class: Soldier
Biotic Ability: None
Tech Ability: Knowledge of how to improvise weapons from given materials.
Powers: Incendiary Ammo, Shock Trooper

Combat Ability: No formal training apart from his short time with the Blue Suns. Picked up most of his ability out on his own.


**Appearance description.

Screenshot: Kessle in armor

Dark gray colour with red tattoos on his face, arms, and torso. Is missing his left eye, which he covers by tying a strip of cloth around his head (like an Eyepatch). Has a few burn scars on his hands and forearms, and one from a severe knife cut under his left eye. Stands about 6'4".


Medium Armor
Assault Rifle (Purely for the aesthetic. It was the only AR that looked halfway decent)
Pistol (again purely aesthetic)
Bowie knife

Job/Career: Criminal/Mercenary on Omega

Biography: Born on Omega, Kessle was raised in extreme poverty. Often he and his family had to resort to theft and other criminal activities to keep themselves fed. When he was about 14, his parents and older brother were killed by crossfire during a gang shootout. Alone, he had to use what skills he had learned to keep himself alive. He became became proficient with a pistol and knife in order to protect himself. He soon picked up with a small gang of thieves, mercenaries, and drug dealers who called themselves the Red Rings. Three years later, Kessle and about seven of his friends were hanging out in the one or two block area of Slums controlled by the Red Rings, when they were confronted by members of the Blue Suns. There was a brief skirmish, and all but one of the Blue Suns were killed. After the survivors fled, Kessle helped himself to the Armor and Weapons of one of the fallen Mercenaries. The Blue Suns quickly returned, this time with an offer of peace. The Red Rings agreed, and were made part of the Blue Suns, gaining access to better weapons and gear, many allies, more higher-paying jobs, and more areas where they could be safe in exchange for influence over the few blocks of Slum they inhabited. It was a very good deal for the Red Rings. Now, Kessle works Capture, Assassination, and Protection jobs for the Blue Suns.

♥ ♋
noun ˈen-trə-pē
1: a process of degradation or running down or a trend to disorder
2: chaos, disorganization, randomness
3: a doctrine of inevitable social decline and degeneration.

Oh if I ever lose my eyes, if my colors all run dry,
Yes if I ever lose my eyes, oh well, I won't have to cry no more.

Yes I'm being followed by a Moonshadow...
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PostSubject: Merp Character   21/03/12, 07:28 pm

Name: Ko Rhuschiin

Species: Drell

Gender: Male

•Class: Assassin

*Biotic Ability:

*Tech Ability: Hacking, Turrets

*Combat Ability: Proficient with Firearms, prefers Sniper Rifles and Assault Rifles; sucks with explosives

**Appearance description: Forest Green, with Tan patches on his head. About 6 feet tall; thin and wiry, but muscular.

†Screenshot (Optional?):

††Equipment specialization: Assault Rifles and Sniper Rifles, Prefers Sniper Rifles, long range combat. Currently owns a Raptor Assault Rifle (V) and a Striker Sniper Rifle (IV).

***Job/Career if applicable: Hanar Bounty Hunter/Assassin, hunts down those whom the Hanar deem to be dangerous or public enemies.

Biography: As a young Drell, less than 2 years old, Ko was one of the Evacuees the Hanar rescued. He was trained in combat from an early age, and at the age of 13 became an Assassin for the Hanar. He has had 3 successful missions, and is about to be deployed on a fourth. His current age is 17, and he is travelling from Kahje to Daratar.
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PostSubject: Re: Mass Effect Character Thread ver 2.0   02/04/12, 07:11 pm

Name: Torus

Age: 3

Species: Krogan

Gender: Male

•Class: None

*Biotic Ability: Strong Inborn Biotic Ability, actually higher than what most other Biotic Krogan have, but due to the fact he’s only a baby, he can’t use any of it.

*Tech Ability: He doesn’t know the difference between a rock and a computer.

*Combat Ability: Don’t give a gun to a baby.

**Appearance description: Dark Orange/Brownish Scales/Armour (Those ‘hump’ kind of things), with a dark yellow/orange skin colour. Red eyes, as seen in other Krogan usually. He’s of what you can say is an average size for a Krogan child, as well as weight.

†Screenshot (Optional?):


††Equipment specialisation
(pistols etc.): None.

***Job/Career if applicable: None

Biography: Life has had… A shaky star, for our little Krogan friend here. Firstly, he was a baby Krogan. And that’s an achievement in itself for Krogan, since the Genophage… Incident. His mother, one of the weaker of the Females, was originally thought to be infertile, until un-expectantly, she became Pregnant, and soon gave birth to our little friend here. His mother should never have been able to give birth to a child, even the Krogan knew that. But well, Salarians are curious lizard-people. So, what do they do? They know… Quite a lot of things. In fear of that something may be happening, a Salarian STG team was deployed, and our friend here, was whisked away. They didn’t even bother to ask his name. Not that he could speak, or do much anyway. Unlucky Salarians, however, bumped into a Merc ship. Batarian one, probably detached from the Blue Suns or something. Unexpecting, the Salarians managed to hold off from the Batarians for a while, but sometimes, skill doesn’t cut it and numbers, numbers won. Our friend here, lucky enough only ever got examined, nothing plugged in or taken out, and well, that’s good right? But now he’s stuck in a supply crate on a Batarian Merc Ship.

Yeah, the Salarians definitely had more respect…

He also has a habbit of headbutting things, and bites, alot. As well as hitting the floor, and making 'dinosaur' like sounds.

He's a noisy baby...

†††Training: None

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PostSubject: Re: Mass Effect Character Thread ver 2.0   02/04/12, 08:22 pm

Name: Krenaii Masim
Species: Turian
Gender: Female
Age: 24
Tech Abilities: Extensive training on Turian technology and Omitools, studied advanced communications and encryption. Has the ability to overcharge shields by dispersing her own overloading her enemies tech.
Combat Abilities: Trained with Assault rifles, pistols, and hand to hand fighting, her combat ability Is noteworthy as she was handpicked out of Palaven Academy for further training and Officers experience.

Appearance: She has Pale grey plates with darker brown skin underneath, her eyes are ashen blue and her face is painted with light blue markings.
Screenshot: Picture
Equipment: Advance tactical Omni Tool, Personalised Phaeston, and a stealth onyx suit of armour.

Job: First Lieutenant. Serving on the C.O.P (Claw of Palaven)
Side: Turian Millitary
Biography: Having been raised on Palaven Krenaii lived under strict militaristic rule eventually being forced down the road of service due to her family’s proud background in the military. She exhaled in her technical training and was eventually scouted by her current commanding officer Captain Reinow Tresben.

Reinow Tresben has been exclusively training Krenaii for the last two years aboard the C.O.P where she now serves. Although still young and lacking a lot of experience her leadership techniques have moulded by her mentor and she now is apprenticing under his guidance. Krenaii holds a great deal of respect for her commander and her position on board the Claw.

Current Mission:
The Claw of Palaven is currently positioned inside The Pylos Nebula awaiting their final orders to begin their Search and possible rescue of a science team examining an alleged Prothean beacon. Their mission is top secrete as the Turian wish to keep the knowledge of this new found beacon to their selves.
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PostSubject: Re: Mass Effect Character Thread ver 2.0   11/04/12, 07:39 am

Name Sur'Kesh TALAT .......just call him
Species Salarian, 23 years
Gender Male
Biotic ability Limited, although a natural biotic.
Tech ability High, he's an excellent Tech-spert
Combat Ability He's a salarian STG

Appearance description. He's average height for a salarian. His complexion is like Mordin Solace's, except he has some white markings on his face.

Screenshot <coming soon>

Equipment Pistols, Heavy Pistols, SMG's

Job STG operative, Works with N7 Operatives, Undercover Operations

Side N/A

Biography Born on Sur'kesh. Intelligent. Graduated from the highest level of learning at 13. Specialized in xenosciecne and medicine. Eventually became an STG operative. Has run into Nicholas Umbrulus a few times. Liked him. Joined up with him a few times. He now officially works with N7 and STG jointly. He's fast on his feet, and clever.

Training: STG

The STG form a large part of the salarian military due to their heavy focus on gathering intelligence before making a move. They are used to monitor "developing situations" because they tend to attract less attention than more prominent figures, such as Spectres. This also allows them to quietly "handle" troublesome individuals. STG operators are brutally practical, devoted to accomplishing their mission regardless of the cost involved to others or themselves. Regardless, STG operators are highly flexible, accustomed to carrying out their missions on shoestring resources and changing their tactics when necessary.

The Special Tasks Group (STG) is a salarian espionage organization, usually deployed by the Citadel Council. STG operators work in independent cells, performing dangerous missions such as counterterrorism, infiltration, reconnaissance, assassination, and sabotage. They are currently very active in the Terminus Systems.

Training similar to the League of One.
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PostSubject: Re: Mass Effect Character Thread ver 2.0   11/04/12, 09:39 pm

Name: Errinus Stra'ten

Species: Turian

Gender: Male

Age: 28

Class: Soldier

Biotic Ability: None

Tech Ability: Not much to do with Communications and that fancy stuff, but he has some basic training in Maintaining Shuttles, and well, all vehicles can’t be too different, right?

Combat Ability: Very skilled with Assault Rifles, and around the average for most Turians with Pistols, Shotguns, most other weapons. What he excels in is Commanding. Or at least, he got one of the highest results for the ‘Commanding and Tactics Training’ known. But, he has yet to ever put it into real action, and usually only ends up helping his CO with orders.

Appearance (Description): Brown Scales with some having darker brown around the edges, almost glowing purple eyes, dark orange face paint (As soon as I figure out a design of the face paint I want, I’ll edit it in), yellowy-brown skin. He stands at about 185cm.

Screenshot: NONE YET

Equipment Specialisation: Specialised in Assault Rifles more than more than other weapons, but is also skilled in all types of weapons like every other soldier.

Job/Career: Second Captain, serving on board the Talon of the Moon.
Association: Turian Military

Biography: Errinus was born into what can be considered a ‘military lacking family’. His brother, other than members of his family he has yet to learn about yet, is the only one to have served in the Turian Military. His brother is also the reason he has yet to earn his own ship… But that’s spoilers. And spoilers are always bad, right? Errinus joined the Military at the youngest age possible, and began training just as his Brother went into actual front line serving. He didn’t focus much on making friends, getting to know people, because Errinus had it all planned out. He’d finish training, spend a few years on the front line, then get command of his own ship. But that didn’t work out. He passed training, and began to serve on board the Talon of the Moon.
He reached Second Captain, and the First Captain, who was retiring within a year, gave permission for Errinus to begin training for the First Captain position. This was also the year that his brother, Monta, killed his squad, and was declared M.I.A. Everyone knew what had happened. His brothers squad had been deployed to attack a Blue Suns base… And Monta, seeing the opportunity to make money, and all sorts, swapped sides. This meant, all though many, many excuses were made up by higher ups, Errinus would never be able to reach First Captain, unless he did something to overshadow his brothers… Betrayal. And to this day, he has yet to.

Training: Firstly, Errinus first sort of training was at around the age of fifteen, when his brother was on leave from the Military for a year. He spent that year working on shuttles, and such, with his brother had managed to burrow from some of his ‘friends’. Then, the year after he joined the Military, and began actual Military training. Firing guns, the expected stuff. After passing test after test after test after test! Zocalus was taken into ‘CATT’ (Commanding and Tactics Training). This was his last two years of training before eventually being deployed to the front line, or well, a ship.

• Phaeston
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• Phalanx

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PostSubject: Re: Mass Effect Character Thread ver 2.0   

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Mass Effect Character Thread ver 2.0
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